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PIXEL TEACH is a service that allows anyone to create educational video content.


Two quality maintained social media pages looked after by founder, PHD candidate and full time teacher Benjamin Moores MAED.


We won't lie we are new....  So you have a unique opportunity to be a contributor at PIXEL TEACH.

You can choose to be anonymous and nameless if you wish by just recording your skills using desktop recording software. (subscribe to our youtube channel for examples).  Or be loud and proud and use your name or an alias - then you can share with your friends and help PIXEL TEACH grow.

If we all contribute together - we all learn together and have a better chance to reacher a wider audience.

Subscribe/follow to our facebook and youtube channels - content will come in time, especially if you help contribute.

If you are interested in becoming a founding contributor to PIXEL TEACH then fill in the short sign up form below.

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Simple. Visual. Learning

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